When selecting a virtual data room, businesses must consider the number of users that will be able to access the platform. The majority of vendors include a small number of administrative users in their pricing plans, while other users are charged separately. Additionally, they may offer features that boost security and impose limitations on user activities like multi-factor authentication and granular authorizations. The more advanced features, and enhanced security options, will cost more than the basic VDRs.

Some companies offer flat-rate prices dependent on the amount of storage. These are usually ideal for large enterprises that rely on texts and do not deal with large video or audio files. This model isn’t without its drawbacks of not allowing unlimited storage or uploads of files.

Other providers charge based on the number of megabytes are this link uploaded to the platform. While this might be less expensive than flat-rate pricing models, it could cause users to overspend on storage space. This is because if you upload too many files, your service provider will notify you and require you to reduce the amount of data stored.

M&A teams require an efficient and secure platform to share sensitive data with their clients and partners. FirmRoom has a number of features that make it a great choice for M&A. The platform offers drag & drop uploading, smart indexing and in-platform access to ensure that deal confidential documents stay secure and organized. It also provides an audit trail that lets you see who viewed, downloaded and edited which documents. This feature is highly appreciated by managers and investment bankers of private equity companies who need to examine documents and understand the full scope and extent of changes made to the documents.