Board rooms are ground zero for the decision-making that drives the business. It’s where ideas are discussed, rejected and then accepted. A lot of cups of coffee are consumed as members are forced to endure a series of boring talks. The latest technology in the workplace can make meetings more productive and more collaborative.

The right technology for meeting rooms will give directors of boards the tools they require to engage with each other and their remote viewers. In addition to increasing collaboration, these digital tools can ensure that all board members are involved and able participate equally, regardless of location or device.

One of the most powerful tools available to boards is a portal for board meetings. Board portals have become a favored boardroom tool since they provide an entire suite of tools that help boards prepare for meetings and collaborate during them.

Interactive whiteboards are yet another important technology for boardrooms. These smart, interactive panels allow teams to brainstorm, flesh out their ideas and design dynamic presentations that keep participants interested. They’re usually designed to work with video conferencing systems and come with the most current in software for content creation. One example is BenQ’s EZWrite software suite, which offers the ability to draw, write and add information to your screens in real-time.

With the right conference room technology, your meetings can be the most productive they’ve ever been. For more information on the most effective tools for your business, talk to an expert DGI consultant.